Here at ‘The Property Detectives’ giving you peace of mind is what drives us. We treat each home we inspect like its our own so you can be confident that with our specialised knowledge and expertise as qualified builders, that the home you are investing in is a sound choice.

All of us here have been a part of the rebuild, repairing 100’s of earthquake damaged homes over the last 8 years giving us the edge you need when it comes to assessing Canterbury homes. We know just how important a thorough home inspection is to you so we bring our A game every time. We love using the latest advances in technology to find any hidden faults, such thermal imaging cameras to detect leaks, unmanned camera cars to check out what going on underneath and even drones so we can reach the highest roofs.

We want to help you make the right choice, you can leave your home in our hands.

Get in touch with us today by making a booking on-line or calling one of our friendly staff to get the piece of mind you deserve.

Many thanks,

The dedicated team at ‘The Property Detectives’

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